hi! this is a page in a website in the internet. click here to learn more about the internet.

this page, like every page in the internet, has a topic or purpose. im not sure what the topic or purpose of this page is, but im not too sure which

ah yes


this is web site by person known usually as "taswelll" and also "selaere" in some places for some reason. i exist and code sometimes and do other uninteresting things


well you see websites usually have links. these links mean that you can go to OTHER website just by using your pointer device and pointing it on the blue text you find. like the thing you clicked earlier to learn more about the internet! yea here are some more


you see i am part of the very elusive secret "QWD" collective composed of very cool people you should go look at their webpages they are cool

i made a minesweeper clone and i think it's funny you should go play it

i also have another website with some unfinished bad stuff:: selaere.github.io

thank you for play